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Are youRhinitis, nose itching and headache?
  • Nasal irrigator
  • Enema
  • Saliva collector
  • Genetic testing sampling kit
  • Medical cold compress
  • Gynecological Gel
  • Ear canal spray dressing
  • No squat bidet
  • Nasal lotion

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Qiwei BiotechnologyFocus on health

Provide you with nasal irrigator, nasal washing device, nasal wash salt, herbal essence nasal cavity lotion nasal wash salt, enema, epidemic prevention materials, virus sampling tube, gene collection and testing products, virus sampling tube, sampling test and other care products

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    Professional management of health care products

    • Authentic pharmacies, quality assurance, national testing.
    • Operating a variety of health care products, with many honors and guaranteed after-sales service.
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    Zhejiang Quality and Integrity AAA Brand Enterprise

    • National civilized, standardized and honest enterprise.
    • Consumer satisfaction and assured brand enterprise in Zhejiang Province.
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    Have its own R&D team

    • Leading technology, reliable quality and excellent service.
    • The products developed by our company have utility model patent certificates.
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    Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service

    • If there is a problem with the product, please call the customer service number, and we will have someone to serve you.
    • Customers interested in ordering in large quantities can leave a message or call us to request samples for trial.

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    Must be easy

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    Jie Le

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    Empty net treasure

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Hangzhou Qiwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. integrates production, research and development, and sales to produce medical equipment, genetic testing sampling boxes, virus sampling tubes, virus preservation solutions, nasal irrigators, nasal lotions, nasal cleansing salts, enema, Saliva collectors, medical cold compresses, liquid dressings, gynecological gels, squat-free bidets, ear canal spray dressings, personal care products, sanitation and disinfection products, etc. are professional enterprises that have been approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the State Food and Drug Administration. A high-tech brand production enterprise approved by the management department.

The headquarters of Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located on the bank of West Lake. The company has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "caring for health and pursuing excellence", and has been widely recognized by the industry with its pragmatic integrity and multiple strengths. Customers in Hangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Liaoning and other places. The company is market-oriented, customer demand-centered, talent team-based, innovation-based business philosophy, quality, integrity, service first, and quality as the core of the company, creating a new, efficient collaboration, innovative and enterprising Time corporate culture.

The company has complete supporting facilities and a complete, scientific, professional, rigorous and standardized quality management system.

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Hangzhou Qiwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

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